Tropigas de Puerto Rico, Inc. and Progasco, Inc., leaders in the market, are constantly searching for new technologies to provide their customers with products and services ofliquefied gas (LPG), which are safer and more advanced.

Whether you need a gas tank of 20 lbs. For your BBQ gas grill or the installation of a 30,000 gallon propane tank for your business, our staff is ready to assist you with your needs and requirements by providing you with a safe, efficient and top-quality installation.

Tropigas de Puerto Rico and Progasco, together form the most technologically advanced company in the Liquefied Gas Market in Puerto Rico (LPG for its acronym in English). With sales of 30 million gallons per year, the company has 27 bottling plants located around the island. The product is received at the Company's terminal near San Juan (in Cataño) where, together with its bottling plants, it can supply the Propane demand for the entire island.


About Us

Tropigas started operating 50 years ago, as a subsidiary of Shell. In 1995, Humberto Berríos, then a consultant to the company, acquired Tropigas. Since then, the company has proven to be a leader in the industrial and commercial segment of the market, achieving not only important contracts with important companies in the Island but also an 18-year contract with the Government of the United States, as its exclusive supplier of propane gas.

First in Service

The company provides services to industrial and commercial clients as well as to independent concessionaires from 27 gas filling plants located around the Island. We operate a fleet of 75 storage and service vehicles.

Experts from our engineering and service departments personally install all the necessary equipment to provide LPG service to their customers. This includes the installation of tanks of 20-100 lbs., For residential customers until the installation of tanks for commercial use of 120-30,000 gallons.


Technology keeps us leaders! We invest in the best systems and computerized programs that allow us to plan delivery times based on consumption, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers efficiently.

All our technicians are trained and certified to make installations in polyethylene pipe that is more resistant to corrosion and provides safer installations.