In addition to our leading products, the company has entered into two new businesses


Dedicated to sell, install and maintain gasoline equipment converted to Gas Propane. (LPG Fuel Conversion Kits)

Water Heaters, Rinnai

Rinnai water heaters are designed for your comfort. With a precise design, Rinnai offers you an unlimited flow of hot water at the moment you need it; even in multiple demand and at the same time. All this with an ergonomic design saving space, whether inside or outside.

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Tropigas Exchange

It is dedicated to the distribution of cylinders of 20 lbs. Through a plan for collecting and exchanging and filling cylinders.

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It is an environmentally friendly product developed to meet the global demand for safe and more economical cutting and welding products.

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Tropigas of Puerto Rico, prides itself on being an eco-friendly company. We provide products that are an alternative to traditional energy sources that are economical, efficient and less harmful to the environment.

Aware that it is everyone's job to collaborate with the preservation of the environment, we promote that all our staff have the knowledge and care required for the proper handling of the product.

Likewise, we inform users and the general public about the generalities, advantages and care in handling the product, always thinking about the security and safeguard of all.

We keep concrete actions regarding:

  • Waste management always sent to recycling
  • Safeguarding our aquifers
  • Policy for the use, reuse and recycling of paper
  • Business security
  • Environmental policy