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What is PowerFlame?

It is an environmentally friendly product developed to meet the global demand for safe and more economical cutting and welding products.

PowerFlame is safer than acetylene and other fuels and its performance is consistent and reliable, which makes it stand out from other fuels. It is distributed by Tropigas de Puerto Rico, a company established 55 years ago, dedicated to the import and export of liquefied petroleum gas, in addition to the sale and distribution at the Industrial, Commercial and Residential levels.

Who use PowerFlame?

Some of the industries that are using PowerFlame are:

  • Building
  • Manufacture
  • Cut Garages
  • Government Agencies
  • Steel Waste
  • "Machine Shops"
  • Construction and repair
  • Military Installations (US)
  • Glass and Jewelry
  • Welding garages
  • Garages of work in metal

and Benefits

  • Reduction of costs up to 50% or more
  • High cutting speed - reduces labor costs.
  • The same oxygen consumption.
  • Reduction of handling and storage.
  • Reduction of change time.
  • Non-toxic-odorizing to detect.
  • Minimizes waste and "weldback".
  • Burned clean - no smoke.
  • Limited spark of recoil.
  • Low explosive limits.
  • Stable, not sensitive to impacts.
  • Flame of higher temperature.

Our Quality Guarantee

PowerFlame is distributed by Tropigas, our programmed quality of control and distribution guarantee the user a new fuel, cost effective, efficient and reliable for its cutting or welding operation.